Friday, July 17, 2020

It Should Be Ko

I played a game last night on KGS with a friend.

The game took us an hour and a half to play. We used time settings which are as generous as a typical face to face tournament game so we had plenty of time to think and play a serious game. 

I played white.

After black’s response at g3 I felt the need to address the lower left corner. I have been seeing such large corners in my opponent’s games, and they just seemed too large to me. They seem almost selfish. The question was how to invade, and what result to expect. I did not know the answers, but I decided to dive in and see what would happen.

I chose the attachment at d3, which did not work out well for me. I later came to find out that the correct invasion is at c3, and that the result should be ko. I discovered this from a lecture by Guo Juan on the Internet Go School. Details will follow, but let’s see the disaster that resulted for me in my game.

By move 45 it was pretty obvious to me that things were not going to go well here. It might have been prudent to leave the position alone and save it for ko threats later, but I struggled and tried to make seki with no success.

After the game was over I decided to look for a lecture in The Internet Go School which would answer my question about an appropriate corner invasion in the case of a small knight’s move and large knight’s move added to the 4-4 point.

I performed a search on the position

The second lecture in the search covers two corner positions, both of which can result in the position I was interested in studying.

The position came up within the first six minutes of the lecture. Jackpot!

The correct invasion point is at c3.

The result is ko.

Now I know.

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