Thursday, April 01, 2010

March Audio Go Lessons - My Watch List

I purchased the year long subscription to the Audio Go Lessons web site at the middle of the month in March.

Following is a list of the Lessons I watched during the month of March:

Step By Step Series Lesson 1
Step By Step Series Lesson 2
Step By Step Series Lesson 3
Typical Mistakes Lecture 1 Level 30k - 20k
Important Stones Lesson 1
Important Stones Lesson 2
Efficiency for 30K - 10k
Invasion Lecture 1 30k - 1k
Important Stones Lesson 3
Efficiency for 30k - 10k Lesson 2

Some of these are lessons I had previously purchased, and which had since expired. It was good to go back and view some of these lessons again. Some of these lessons were new to me.

If I continue to watch lessons at this rate I will be able to watch twice as many videos in one year as I could have watched if I had rented them one video at a time, and I can go back and watch them as often as I want for a full year rather than a full month.

I'll make it a point to report on my usage for the month of April.