Saturday, May 05, 2007

Played In Connecticut Tournament Last Saturday

Saturday, April 28th I played in an AGA Tournament in the Hartford, Connecticut area.

I entered as an 11 kyu. I had dipped from 11 kyu to 12 kyu at the New Jersey Open by self promoting unsuccessfully to 10 kyu. I didn't do well enough at the NJ Open to hold onto my promotion. But since my rating is more volatile after my previous self promotion I should rise back to 11 kyu since I won two games out of three that I played.

In the second game of the tournament I made a bent four against my opponent, which I have never done before.

What was amazing is that that even though there were only six tables at the tournament all three of my games were even or only 0.5 komi, which is really close to even. For such a small tournament it is amazing that there were enough players close enough to my rank to provide me with so many even games.

At the same tournament two years ago I got two nine stone handicap games as black where I was actually under handicapped by 1 stone and 2 stones respectively, bringing my stagnating 13 kyu rating up to 12 kyu for the first time.

I managed to record all three of my games on my tablet PC, just as I did at the NJ Open earlier this year and all three games have been reviewed by a strong dan player.