Thursday, May 06, 2021

Internet Go School 1,000 Day Streak


A few days ago I achieved a streak of 1,000 days in a row of doing my Spaced Repetition Problems on Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.

Below you see a screen capture of the site on my MacBook Pro. The site works in a web browser. I happen to be using Safari and it works very well. 

It looks great on my iPad Pro too.

The Internet Go School consists of Lectures and Spaced Repetition Go Problems. Problems are derived from the lectures and reinforce the content you learn from the lectures. 

Most lectures are fifteen minutes or shorter in length. You watch lectures. Then you add problems from those lectures to your problem queue. Then you do your problems every day. You decide how many problems you want to solve every day. When you solve your problems you grade how difficult the individual problems are. This will determine how soon they appear for you again. 

I solve all of my due problems every day because I get extra points for doing that. Earning points gets you on the Leaderboard, or close to the Leaderboard. I am generally a bit shy of being among the top ten users on the Leader Board. I am buzzsaw in position 17 below.

I came in a few people shy of hitting the top ten on the Leaderboard the day I finally hit 1,000 days in a row.

You get cool statistics about your activities on the site. The darkest green color is time spent watching lectures. I usually watch additional lectures when I am ready to add new problems to my queue, or if I decide it is time to review something. I think it makes sense to cycle through the lectures, which you can watch at various speeds. Yellow represents doing problems in what is called “Quick Look” mode. It is a great way to see all of the problems for a lecture one right after another. On the 24th I decided to click through a lot of problems on the Chinese Opening using Quick Look, thus the swath of yellow on that date. Blue is for New Problems. Salmon is for Learn Problems. Light green is for Review Problems.

You access lectures from the menu above which has drop down lists that expand and collapse. You can play around with how that works on the site once your start your free trial.

Every day when I wake up the first order of business is completing my Spaced Repetition Go Problems. I do them while I drink coffee in bed. My husband brings me a cup of coffee, and my problems are completed for the day before my feet hit the floor. Problems usually take me about 30 minutes. 

I could show more screen captures of the features of the site, but I urge you to just get the trial and get started. 

I wrote a review for the site which you can read if you navigate to the home page without logging into the site. 

There is a free trial so you can experience all of the Internet Go School goodness without spending a cent. Once you have gotten a taste I think you will be ready to subscribe. When you do, don’t bother with the monthly membership. The real value is paying by the year. 

If I had a limited go budget, a subscription to the Internet Go School would be the first thing I would buy. 

One of the things I love is seeing problems from the Internet Go School in my games. I had this happen just the other day.

Above is the problem.

Below is the solution.

And here is the game.

I did go on to lose this game, but not because I played that situation incorrectly. I remember thinking when my opponent played r6, “I can handle this. It is right out of the GJ Playbook.” 

Give it a try and see if the Internet Go School is right for you,

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

My Week of Go Activities


I spent nearly 49 hours on Go Activities this week. I am continuing to spend a lot of time Watching Others Play which often results in Reviewing Games of Others.  The time spent this week Reviewing My Games was usually spent with go friends who had watched my games as they were played.

I was unhappy with the amount of time I was spending with Live Play after playing 10 games. The time was low because my OGS games are taking fewer than 30 minutes to complete. This is especially true of the rash of resignations in my favor that I achieved this week. I wanted to play a few more games on Saturday, but I was feeling very protective of my OGS record for the week. I was 6:1. See below:

I wanted to play some more, but I also wanted a new account where I felt free to be more experimental in my play. I was actually planning to keep that account secret, without logging the details on my spreadsheet, while planning to count the time spent toward Live Play. Somehow that felt dishonest. Since my go life has been an open book all along I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I decided to own up to the new account and document the games. I ended up playing a total of 12 games this week.

The new account is named reckless. It is on KGS, and was inspired by a review I had last week in AYD. It was a very tough and valuable review. I was advised to turn off the part of my go CPU that defends. I was also encouraged to try more invasions. Some of them I would not have seen on my own. A new account, reckless, was created with these goals in mind. I can’t say that my first two games with the account have achieved my goals, but I have hopes that I can explore more invasions and last ditch efforts with my reckless account which is currently a remarkable 4k.

I have become conflicted about the way I have been reporting my win/loss ratio. the new season for YD has begun. YD games are always even. They are often played between players of disparate rank. The victories sometimes feel undeserved, as do some of the losses. Thankfully, YD games are always non rated.

Because OGS is where Clossius is hoping to see me rank up I’ve considered focusing on only OGS games for my ratio, but I should at least focus on only rated games. This week I will report it both ways.

I did rank up this week. I am 8k now on OGS with three wins in a row at that rank. I am unlikely to drop to 9k now unless I experience a really bad streak. Now I must work on getting to 7k.

Now for the important stuff...

12 Games Played (rated and NR)

OGS - Ranked Up to 8k

Essential Go Activities:     
23:07 (hours : minutes)
Nearly half of total time spent. (over 48 hours)

6:14       27%      Live Play
7:52       34%      Go Problems
9:01       39%      Game Review

Win/Loss Ratio OGS Rated
6:1      86% wins

Win/Loss Ratio All Rated
7:2      78% wins

Monday, May 03, 2021

This is What a Day Off From Go Looks Like For Me


I decided to relax for a day. I meant to take a day off from go. This is what that looks like.

I did not play any games, nor did I watch any lectures, but I watched a lot of go games. The nearly four hours of Watching Others Play was spent watching just one player on OGS who happens to be a good friend of mine in AYD. We message each other with game links on Discord when we start a game on OGS. He had a particularly active day yesterday, and I think I watched most of his games. I was watching them well into the next morning. 

In addition to watching my friend play I did my obligatory Guo Juan Go Problems. I did Tsumego too, though not nearly enough. I did do a bit of Reviewing Games of Others with my go friend after some of his games.

Taking a day away from go resulted in five hours of Go Activity, much of it non essential.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

My Week of Go Activities

I've set a new record for Go Activity. 

I spent over 50 hours studying go last week.

Live Play time increased this week. I brought it in at second place. It was second only to Watching Others Play. 

I made a special effort to increase my number of games from 6 last week to 9 this week. The actual time playing did not increase very much, however, because most games were auto match games played on OGS, so they were faster games than I usually play.

Watching Others Play has taken up a big chunk of my time since I have started  talking  a lot with two other Clossius students who also happen to be AYD students. We spend time reviewing these games too. We have our own little Clossi Club in AYD now. There are just three of us so far, but I think we can increase that number in the future.

Now for the important stuff...

Essential Go Activities:     
22:22 (hours : minutes)
Nearly half of total time spent.

6:30       29%      Live Play
9:57       45%      Go Problems
5:55       26%      Game Review

My Win/Loss Ratio

55% wins

Monday, April 19, 2021

Tsumego Paid Off: I Found a Weakness

I was watching the game of two of my friends from the American Yunguseng Dojang yesterday. Since it was not my own game I was a dispassionate observer. 

In my own games I see my own weaknesses, but miss the weaknesses of my opponent. Neither of these players was my opponent, and I had no weaknesses of my own to worry about, so I could see the game more clearly than I might view a game of my own.

Earlier in the day I was working on a set of cut problems from 101 Weichi. I had been through those problems a number of times, and I was doing them again. I had been noticing in the problems that often a cut happens after a wedge. Once the wedge stone is placed into Atari, and saved, there remain two cuts. Only one of those cuts can be protected. Seeing this happen often in the problems makes it more likely to see it in one’s games.

During the game I saw such an opportunity for white. It did not matter from which side black gave Atari because both sides had two cuts. I was excited.

After the game was over I asked if we could take a look at it.

We came to conclusion that it worked.

The cut was worth making because there were black stones in the lower left that would not survive after the cut. It would have been Game Over. It was a comfortable victory for white as it was.

I was very proud of myself for finding this.

It turns out that white had been so concerned about his own weakness that he failed to see the weakness in black.

In-seong has told me that this is a big problem in my games. He says that I see the game from my side, and that I need to see the game from my opponent’s side.  Clossius focused this tendency right away too. 

Now that I can find a weakness as a dispassionate observer I need to calm down in my own games and find such weaknesses there.

An interesting aside... white dreamed about the cut that night.

If I can master the wedge perhaps I can live up to my name, buzzsaw.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

My Week of Go Activities


I put in slightly over 45 hours this week on Go Activities.

I only played six games this week. That is one one game up from last week, but not as many as I would like to play. I spent a good amount of hours playing, however, because most of my games were played with YD friends using generous time settings. I take these games seriously, and I did well with them. I won five out of my six games this week.

The only game I lost was a three stone handicap game against a YD opponent who had observed me winning my 5th round of the San Diego tournament fairly decisively against another YD opponent. I got 3H in that game. I ended up 5:0 in the tournament. There is a shirt in it for me.

I actually had a nine game streak over the course of two weeks. The streak was making me nervous. I don't think I ever had a streak like that before. I'm going to work on overcoming my nervousness and getting my games played back up to at least eight. You can see my streak below which was broken by the 3H game.

Now for the important stuff...

Essential Go Activities:     
11:31 (hours : minutes)
Over 1/4 of total time spent.

5:08       46%      Live Play
3:41       33%      Tsumego
2:16       21%      Game Review

My Win/Loss Ratio

83% wins

Monday, April 12, 2021

My Week of Go Activities


I spent nearly 40 hours this week on Go Activities.

I fell a little short on Live Play this week, but made up for it with other Essential Go Activities by doing more Tsumego and Game Reviews. I just wasn’t “feeling it” and did not want to push myself to make a quota. That didn't work out well last week. Interestingly enough, the one loss this week was when I forced myself to play trying to get an early start on my quota. 

I won my 4th round of the San Diego tournament putting me at 4:0. I play my last round on Wednesday this coming week. I am slated to get three handicap stones.

Essential Go Activities:     
11:31 (hours : minutes)
Over 1/4 of total time spent.

3:47       34%      Live Play
5:17       44%      Tsumego
2:30       22%      Game Review

My Win/Loss Ratio

80% wins