Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2011 Appears to Have Been a Bad Year

I can't believe that I made it all the way through 2011 without a single post to this blog. The truth is that I had been focused on other things besides go: running, lowering my cholesterol, worrying about my mother.

However, during that time I continued to take private lessons alternate weeks with Yilun Yang, 7P. I also continued to take group lessons with Guo Juan, 5P. I have enjoyed both activities, but have not been working particularly hard on trying to improve.

I am pretty happy to be a solid single digit AGA kyu player now. Maybe my subconscious wants to keep my rating the same as my AGA ID number. Rather than focusing on rank, I am mostly just enjoying the interactions with my teachers, and the social interaction with my fellow students in the group lessons.

It has also occurred to me that I don't really have a plan for how to study go. I have so many resources. I noticed that my last post was about the Level Up series. I have the series, and I pick up a book from time to time, but I have not worked my way systematically through them. That is something I am hoping to do in the next few months. I wish they were in GoBooks format. That way they would always be with me, and I would be likely to pay more attention to them.

Today I am opening up the Level Up book number 1 and I am going through it from cover to cover. The truth is that I actually study go every day in one form or another. I just haven't been writing about it, and I haven't been very efficient either. I'm going to be more public about my study habits in the future. So look forward to another post tomorrow.