Wednesday, August 22, 2007

U.S. Go Congress

I had a great time at the U.S. Go Congress this year. I ran into many Go Discussions members, and even had a game in the U.S. Open with one of them. The big surprise of the week for me was when I came in 3rd in my band in the main event, which was the 11k - 12k band. I didn't expect this at all. I got a really nice plaque. They chose nice awards this year, so it was a really good year to win a prize. The plaques were green marble with gold lettering. The first place plaques were huge and even the third place plaques were a good size.

New ratings have not been run yet. I was -11.7 when I started the Congress and I don't expect to break into 10k based on my performance, but I am hoping to get a couple tenths of a point out of this.

I am considering joining the Shodan challenge for 10k next year, so I secretly hope that I don't make 10k before it is time to declair my intentions for the challenge. One stone I can do, but if I make it to 10k in the next ratings update I could never make it to 5k by the next congress, so it would not make sense to join the challenge.

I can't wait for the new ratings to come out.

The next event on my go calendar is going to be the Philadelphia Fall Open in late September.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mr. Yang Observed One Of My Games

My previous post included a montage of pictures of Yilun Yang which I used to create a cup which I carried with me throughout the U.S. Go Congress. The purpose of the cup was to remind myself to play my best game, as I would if Mr. Yang were watching.

As it turned out Mr. Yang came by several times to observe my third game of the U.S. Open, which I happened to win. The first time he came by to study the board I held up my cup for him to see, and told him why I had brought it.

After the game was over, and Mr. Yang saw me in the lobby and he asked if I had won the game as expected. I confirmed that I had done so. This time there was no need for Mr. Yang to say, "It should not be." Instead he turned to a mutual friend and commented on my game saying, "She can fight." Given the fact that fighting had always been my weaknesss while I was taking private lessons with Mr. Yang, I considered that to be the highest praise. I have progressed beyond the opening. Mr. Yang also told me that I had missed an opportunity on the right side of the board. Later in the day I went over the game with my opponent and a dan player who confirmed this fact.

I will post more about the Congress soon. I have been too busy to post much because all of my energy since returning from the Congress has been devoted to packing and moving to a new home. And now I am devoting all of my energy to unpacking and setting up housekeeping. I will post more about the Congress and the move later.