Wednesday, August 22, 2007

U.S. Go Congress

I had a great time at the U.S. Go Congress this year. I ran into many Go Discussions members, and even had a game in the U.S. Open with one of them. The big surprise of the week for me was when I came in 3rd in my band in the main event, which was the 11k - 12k band. I didn't expect this at all. I got a really nice plaque. They chose nice awards this year, so it was a really good year to win a prize. The plaques were green marble with gold lettering. The first place plaques were huge and even the third place plaques were a good size.

New ratings have not been run yet. I was -11.7 when I started the Congress and I don't expect to break into 10k based on my performance, but I am hoping to get a couple tenths of a point out of this.

I am considering joining the Shodan challenge for 10k next year, so I secretly hope that I don't make 10k before it is time to declair my intentions for the challenge. One stone I can do, but if I make it to 10k in the next ratings update I could never make it to 5k by the next congress, so it would not make sense to join the challenge.

I can't wait for the new ratings to come out.

The next event on my go calendar is going to be the Philadelphia Fall Open in late September.


uglyboxer said...

Aww. I think you should join anyway. There isn't a punishment for not making your goal, and it can be a great experience. Besides I don't think 5kyu in a year is a stretch for anyone choosing to actively study.
We'll be waiting for you here in Portland!

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