Monday, August 20, 2007

Mr. Yang Observed One Of My Games

My previous post included a montage of pictures of Yilun Yang which I used to create a cup which I carried with me throughout the U.S. Go Congress. The purpose of the cup was to remind myself to play my best game, as I would if Mr. Yang were watching.

As it turned out Mr. Yang came by several times to observe my third game of the U.S. Open, which I happened to win. The first time he came by to study the board I held up my cup for him to see, and told him why I had brought it.

After the game was over, and Mr. Yang saw me in the lobby and he asked if I had won the game as expected. I confirmed that I had done so. This time there was no need for Mr. Yang to say, "It should not be." Instead he turned to a mutual friend and commented on my game saying, "She can fight." Given the fact that fighting had always been my weaknesss while I was taking private lessons with Mr. Yang, I considered that to be the highest praise. I have progressed beyond the opening. Mr. Yang also told me that I had missed an opportunity on the right side of the board. Later in the day I went over the game with my opponent and a dan player who confirmed this fact.

I will post more about the Congress soon. I have been too busy to post much because all of my energy since returning from the Congress has been devoted to packing and moving to a new home. And now I am devoting all of my energy to unpacking and setting up housekeeping. I will post more about the Congress and the move later.

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