Thursday, April 01, 2010

March Audio Go Lessons - My Watch List

I purchased the year long subscription to the Audio Go Lessons web site at the middle of the month in March.

Following is a list of the Lessons I watched during the month of March:

Step By Step Series Lesson 1
Step By Step Series Lesson 2
Step By Step Series Lesson 3
Typical Mistakes Lecture 1 Level 30k - 20k
Important Stones Lesson 1
Important Stones Lesson 2
Efficiency for 30K - 10k
Invasion Lecture 1 30k - 1k
Important Stones Lesson 3
Efficiency for 30k - 10k Lesson 2

Some of these are lessons I had previously purchased, and which had since expired. It was good to go back and view some of these lessons again. Some of these lessons were new to me.

If I continue to watch lessons at this rate I will be able to watch twice as many videos in one year as I could have watched if I had rented them one video at a time, and I can go back and watch them as often as I want for a full year rather than a full month.

I'll make it a point to report on my usage for the month of April.


Bob Solovay said...


How do you handle the problem that many lessons don't come with sgf files? Do you make sgf notes?

Terri said...

I am currently subscribed to the year long "all you can watch" membership, so I do not worry about taking notes or preserving sgf files since I can go back to any lecture and watch it again as often as I like beyond the usual one month time frame.

In the past I would make video recordings of the lectures for my personal use. Since getting the year membership I had not bothered to make any video recordings.

I believe that in the long run I will pay more per lecture with the year long membership, but I will worry less about access, so I think it is worth the cost.

I did create an sgf file of the first Chinese Opening lecture. I found it to be a good experience for reinforcement, but it was very time consuming.