Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Subscribed To Audio Go Lessons For One Year

Guo Juan has offered a new payment plan for her audio go lessons web site, which can be found at her Internet Go School. For 99 Euros you get a full year of unlimited access. I decided that this was an attractive plan for me because it meant that I wouldn't have to worry about access on individual offerings expiring after one month. 99 Euros is significantly more than I would have paid in the course of a year to watch individual titles if I had rented each one separately. However, now that I will be trying to get my money's worth, I will probably watch many more videos. I won't have to ask myself if I want to bother to spend the single Euro for a particular title. It's really nice not to have to worry about the videos expiring after a month.

My first order of business is to go back over the easiest Step By Step videos that I had watched in the beginning. Those are excellent videos that I might otherwise not have bothered to rent again.


Marcus said...

Yeah, I'm considering the yearly membership ... again, it comes down to how much money I have available to me.

I might try a few lessons with Yang instead, depending on my budget.

John said...

Hi Terri,

Long-time reader, first-time commenter :)

Thank you for reminding about Guo Juan's lectures, as I subscribed a long time ago and rented one or two lectures, but forgot to go back and get more. I think they're well priced at €1, so I might treat myself to a handful - but a season pass sounds like a great idea!


NannyOgg said...

Slowly getting back to blog reading and happy to see you got the year membership.

Guo Juan's website has so many excellent lessons!