Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Go Stones

I broke down this morning and finally bought the single convex yunzi stones that I have been wanting from Yellow Mountain Imports.

I have been wanting these to use in reviewing games, and my frustration yesterday over being afraid to try the variations in the games I was reviewing (for fear of losing my place) made me dust off the Pay Pal account and make the purchase.

I can hardly wait for these stones to arrive.


NannyOgg said...


I love my single convex stones! So much that I got another set at the last go tournament in Western Mass. Since one never can have too many go stones, right?

Hope you will like them and that they will help you in your study,


Terri said...

I am glad to hear that you enjoy these. If I like them that much I will consider getting a second set so I have one for upstairs and one set for downstairs. It would just be too much work to carry them up and down the steps all the time.