Friday, September 28, 2007

Playing More Rated Games On KGS

Yesterday I instituted a plan to play more rated games on KGS.

My plan is to play a rated game at generous time limits every weekday at approximately 8:00 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time. I am posting my games requesting a rated game with up to four handicap stones in either direction.

Yesteday I played a rated game which took me from 7k? to 6k?.

Today I played a rated game which took me from 6k? to 5k?.

We shall see what Monday will bring. The goal is not so much to increase my rating as it is to discipline myself to play rated again.

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rlburdsal said...

Please forgive me, but I came upon your Blog while considering the purchase of "Smart Go." Do you really like Smart-Go still? What is "KGS" please? Also, what is this "Cgoban" that you mention in another comment you left on the blog? I'm Rob Burdsal, a 56-year old government worker with a great wife and 6-children. Frankly, I'm worn out. Year ago I lived in Okinawa where I first started playing Go, but for many years I've stopped. I'm about 4-5 years until retirement, and I want to resume my playing but right now I'd be scared to death to play against actual people. That's why I'm considering Smart Go first. I figure I could gain at least some control and skill before playing human beings again. It's been a longtime. For example, I saw your "Crane's Nest" photo and comments and I haven't the faintest idea what a "Crain's Nest" is or how to recognise one. I've never taken lessons, and actually didn't realize they were ever offered anywhere. How long have you played - you seem so superior to my current level (which has to be way at the bottom right now) that I'm really feeling like perhaps I'd be better ff flying an airplane on the Microsoft program - but I still deeply enjoyed Go and perhaps it there is still time to improve and play others and enjoy the experiences. Do you have any comments or suggestions I should consider? Should I purchase something other than Smart Go do you think (if you don't mind answering such a question). After looking carefully it does appear to be the best program I can find out there. I'm Rob Burdsal and my e-mail is: If I get your email I'll give you the one I use with friends and family, but for all I know this comment will be posted for all to see so for now I offer only my generic email address. Thanks.