Monday, October 01, 2007

Went To Princeton Go Club This Weekend

Yesterday I went to the Prineton Go Club.

I had an even 19 x 19 game, which I won by a half a point with a player who was uncertain of his rank. We then played a 13 x 13 in which I did considerably better. But I still think that he and I are fairly evenly matched. You can't tell much from two games.

I observed a first time player having a 13 x 13 teaching game and offered some coaching with the permission of both players.

Last I observed a very interesting game which had an exciting capturing race which resulted in a resignation. This game was being observed by an 8 dan who had been one of the four who had split the first place prize at last week's Philadelphia Fall Open. To be observing the same game I found exciting in and of itself. I knew that we couldn't be seeing the game in the same way. But we couldn't kibbitz because it was live, so I will never know for sure what was going through his head.

By the time that game was over it was me and a handful of undergraduates who were ready to head off to dinner, so the fun was over at about 5:45 and I headed home thinking that this will be a really good way to spend Sunday afternoon whenever possible.

I hope to return again next week after a week of rated games on KGS.

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