Friday, September 05, 2014

2014 Go Congress in NYC

This was my best go congress ever. I had a fantastic time. I was initially concerned about the lack of a food plan, but I managed to share meals with some friends during the congress, and I found a really nice take out sushi place that I frequented often bringing my lunch back to the playing area.

I had my best result in the US Open ever this year. I had taken third place on three occasions, but had never done better than that. This year I took 2nd place in the 9 kyu division. Oddly enough 3:3 was enough to earn me that honor. I attribute that to a relatively small band. The 9 kyu band had only seven people in it. The 8 kyu band was much larger, as was the 10 kyu band. They could easily have subsumed us under one or the other of those larger bands, but they chose to keep us as a separate entity. The other thing I credit for my win is that the games had to have been incredibly evenly split. Regardless of how I achieved this honor, I don't look this gift horse in the mouth. It earned me a rank certificate from the AGA. This is the second year these certificates are being given, and I believe that they may have been given only to first and second place winners.

I participated in the pair go games with my pair go partner Gurujeet Khalsa. This was our third year of playing pair go together. Last year and the year before we were undefeated winning our table both years. This year we won our first game, but lost our second. So the pressure is now off for next year. Whew. (Photo credit: Arnold Udell)

My most recent passion is English Paper Piecing and I was caught stitching during the first round of the US Open. (Photo Credit: Chris Garlock/American Go E-Journal)

I attended the teacher workshops again this year, and much to my surprise I got a second teaching certificate from the AGA. I am doubly qualified to teach beginners now.

My experiences at the Go Congress this year have renewed my interest in studying, and I intend to document that here on my blog in the weeks to come. It is my hope that I can come to the congress next year stronger than ever, and in a position to fight for first place in the 9 kyu division.

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Ben Zen said...

Congratulations on your performance at Congress! It was certainly a blast and I thought it was great to be able to have it in NY. Looking forward to your renewed fervor to get stronger for next year's Congress. Ganbatte!