Friday, August 21, 2009

American Go Association Go Database

At the U.S. Go Congress this year the AGA rolled out the American Go Association Go Database.

You can find the main page at:

A search for AGAID#8 will yield my page at:

Above you can see my entry ranks for all tournaments beginning with the 1997 Go Congress. You can also see the five year stretch where I was stuck pretty much stuck at 13 kyu.

I like that you can look up your opponents and see how many games they have in the database.

I was even told on a thread on Go Discussions that if I would email them sgf files of my tournament games that they would upload them to the database. It would be really neat if the people who record their games would do this. If they did you could look at the other games your opponent had played. I would find that interesting.

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