Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aerobic Tsumego

At the Go Congress this year I decided to purchase a set of Tsumego books translated from Korean into English by a company called Baduktopia. They had a table outside the main playing area and they were selling a series of books on Life and Death. I am told by my strong playing friends that the last book in the series is difficult, and definitely dan level. They also have a series of books called "Level Up". I purchased the first set of books in the series. The answers are not in the books, but they are available for the first and second series of the Level Up books online in PDF format.

Currently the answers are not yet available online for the Life and Death books, but they are working on getting those PDF files created and uploaded.

The reason this post is called "Aerobic Tsumego" is because I have taken to solving life and death problems while walking on the treadmill. I walked for an hour and a half yesterday all the while working on life and death and working through the Level Up books.

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