Friday, September 12, 2008

Purchased iPod Touch

The new iPods came out on Tuesday.  Wednesday I put in my order.   I had my iPod engraved with my name and email address just incase it gets lost.  If an honest person finds it they will be able to get in "Touch" with me to return it.  Tt the very least it will be hard for a thief to sell it when it is engraved with someone's name.

So what does the iPod Touch have to do with go?  A lot.  SmartGo is currently in beta for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Anders Kierulf announced this shortly before the U.S. Go Congress on the Go Discussions forum, and asked for beta testers there.  I saw SmartGo in action on the iPhone at the Congress, and even posted a picture of Anders with his iPhone here on my blog.

As soon as I finish the basic set up of my iPod Touch I will be installing the beta of SmartGo, and may have it up and running in time for the Hoboken Tournament on the 21st of September.  The iPod may arrive as early as today.

In addition to SmartGo, there is at least one other go related programs for the iPod Touch, such called Tesuki, which will soon be available in the iPhone App Store.  Tesuki is mentioned in another thread on Go Discussions.