Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Go Art - Unusual Self Portrait

I was talking to a friend of  mine online today who is a go player and also an art student.  I was telling him about how I had to create a self portrait for one of my classes back in art school.  I combined the two most important things in my life into that portrait and left my face out of it.  No one said I actually had to include my face in the drawing so I didn't.  I was a rule breaker even back then, and not much of a drawer.  I actually I wove most of my assignments.   The drawing is pictured above propped up against my iMac which happens to be showing a go game I played at the tournament in Hoboken last Sunday.   I drew that picture in 1974.  Interestingly enough, at the time I drew that picture I was already in love with the game of go in spite of having only played a few times and being unable to find players.  I had driven through a Hurricane to play one of the games I had played up to that point.  This was the phase of my life when I traveled with a go board under my arm and forced all my relatives and friends to play the game.  None of them developed an interest, and they all accused me of making up the rules as I went along.

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Codexus said...

But go has basically 3 rules that can be explained in 3 minutes, how could you be making up rules? That's madness! ;)

Nice drawing!