Saturday, April 19, 2008

Interesting KGS Ratings Graph

Yesterday I was told my one of my students that my ratings graph on KGS looks like a heart attack. It is actually very interesting looking with one large upward spike and one large downward spike. The rest of the graph is pretty solid 8k. Both of the spikes were the result of streaks of winning and loseing respectively in an atttempt to get rid of a "?" at the end of my rating.
After my recent downward spike I have worked my way back up to 9k, which I hope to maintain by playing rated on a consistent basis using automatch. I like automatch because I find less ego involved in those games than games against people I know.

It looks like I have about seven months before the upward spike scrolls off the graph. Until then it will be a very interesting image.


by: PM, SN said...

ST elevation with QRS inversion? Yeah, i'd be crapping my pants if I saw that on a monitor. Heart attack is one possibility, but electrolyte imbalances and digitalis toxicity might also be to blame.

by: PM, SN said...

depression, i mean. oops.