Friday, April 25, 2008

Back to 8k

I finally made it back to 8k on KGS this morning after winning an auto match game.  It was a 0.5 victory.  It feels good to be 8k again.  I want to continue to play rated on a regular basis, perhaps one game each morning whether I feel like it or not ... kind of like a daily vitamin... but I will bask in the glory of being 8k for today and not risk losing it, at least until my friends have had a chance to see that I managed to make my come back.


classic said...

Hey Terri,
First off, I'd like to say that i've really enjoyed reading your blog. It is great to read about your journey to better yourself with/through go.

Your post today made me start thinking more about playing and ranks. I thought your previous post on "fearlessly playing" was inspirational. I share your apprehension about playing ranked games, and it's great to see you tackling it. Not wanting to play now to perserve your rank goes against your philosophy!

Also, a thought that helps to calm me is that if you do slip a rank, you'll get a new handicap stone so it should be easier to win the next game, and you'll be back in no time. You should be proud of your 8k status, don't worry about the possibility of slipping to 9k, and play a ton (to get back to 7k!).

Best of luck with the one-game-per-day strategy.


by: PM, SN said...

i've been having a rocky time with the single-digit kyus. I'll bounce from 8k to 11k and back again, much more tumultuously than I did with any previous skill plateau. I'm not really sure what to do about it this time, I send my games off for review, play some teaching games, give some teaching games (KGS is great for this, i've never felt a need to play anywhere else on the net), but I'm still hitting a wall when it comes to advancing further.

Terri said...

The reluctance to play rated is only for one day so my friends can see the rank. If it is gone the next day that is fine. I am still fearless... I just want some momentary recognition.