Friday, April 06, 2007

Results on Set One of Korean Academy Go Problems

As promised I am reporting on my level of mastery of the first set of problems from the Korean Academy. I had hoped for less than 10% error, which I managed to achieve with a 9% error rate, but that still seems like too much. I need to do better.

I made note of the problems which I missed when I went through them today. Soon I will go back over the problems again and see how much better I can do. I will shoot for 5% or less error next.

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Ash said...

Karpov, a great chess player, when asked by a mortal, ' What should I study to improve? ', answered, ' what do you study now? '. 'Opening Theory' came the answer. 'You should be studying end game theory ' said Karpov. 'Whilst not as glamorous as Openings, it makes a world of difference to one's results.'
In GO, the same is true of Tsumego. I find they can be hard and frustrating, but I MUST persevere. I too use the Korean Academy problems together with 1001 Life & Death, and aim for 8 a day..but that is just the 'one move problems'.