Friday, April 13, 2007

Great Go Blog - Shodan Challenge

Since I decided to start a Go Blog I thought it would be a good idea to actually read one that has been around for awhile, and to read it all the way through. I chose Nanny Ogg's blog Shodan Challenge . I wanted to get an idea of what kind of content people have included in their blogs. My intention in starting my own blog wasn't necessarily to provide riveting original commentary, but I also didn't want to give a day-by-day and blow-by-blow description of every tedious step in my study plan either, unless that is what people do. I was looking for a bit of guidance concerning balance by seeing what someone else had done to document her journey. I was also curious about the journey of another woman in the world of Go, so Nanny's blog was a natural choice.

As I read through the entries in Nanny's blog I became inspired by her dedication to the game, and the amount of time and effort she has spent to achieve her level of success, which I find to be quite impressive. Not only that, but the change in attitude about rank and even the lessening of the importance of reaching Shodan, I found to be very interesting and inspiring.

No longer can I feel as if I deserve to be stronger than I am. I haven't begun to pay my dues. I have read Nanny's blog from start to finish. It took me a few days a few hours at a time to do so, and it was time well spent as I gained an appreciation of what studying Go should entail.

It is my intention to pick other blogs to read in their entirety. I was initially inspired to begin blogging about my studies in the game of Go by seeing the blog maintained by ChiyoDad, ChiyoDad Learns Go. As an art teacher I was drawn by his images. I have not read the entire blog yet, but I intend to do that soon also.

So, is all this time I spend reading Go Blogs and posting on Go Discussions getting in the way of getting stronger at Go? Probably, but the name of the blog is "Enriching My Love of the Game", not "Busting My Bottom To Chase Unreasonable Goals and Setting Myself Up For Failure". Anything that enriches my love of the game I consider to be keeping me on track.


xed_over said...

I'm totally addicted to reading other people's blogs. I love seeing how others have progressed. Though, I must admit, its sometimes disheartening when I see other surpassing me so quickly. :)

Still, the game is fun and adicting. I wish there were more blogs to read (I often forget to write in my own).

NannyOgg said...

Thanks for your nice comments about my blog.

It is fun to write and keep track of my progress, or sometimes lack of progress this way.

Good luck on your go journey and I think reading blogs and interacting at godiscussions is just as useful as doing tsumego.