Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Smart Go - It Pays To Read The Documentation

I love Smart Go but have not spent the time I should to explore all of its features. I am using it on a tablet PC at 1024 x 768 resolution. When I upgraded to version 2.0 I considered the default settings to be less friendly to the small screen than the those in version 1.0, so I kept the older version for recording games and reviewing my lesson files.

Today I decided to check and see if I could configure the layout to be more similar to the older version. Right there in the help files under "screen layout" I found the answer to my problem. Go to "View - Maximize Board" to put the comments on the left where I like them making the board can be as big as possible.

See the following screen shots to illustrate the older version on Smart Go, the newer version with default settings, and the Newer version with the board maximized.

Older version of Smart Go (version 1.5.4):

Current version of Smart Go without changing settings (version

Current version of Smart Go with the board maximized (version

Now I know that Smart Go 2.x is just as small screen friendly as Smart Go 1.x

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Alejo said...

Oh my god/goddess!!! (hehehe)

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