Sunday, February 18, 2007

How I Have Been Studying

Since I started this blog I have been devoting at least an hour a day to Go activities.

I have been reading serveral times a day.

I have been working on go problems using the problems that come with the latest version of Smart Go.

I have also been working through the problems in "One Thousand and One Life and Death Problems".

I attended the NJ Open February 10th and 11th and managed to record all five of my games. I had a stronger player comment each of those games by uploading them to KGS in the Wings Go Club room.

I started an account at and have started listening to the Step By Step series of lessons. I am up to lesson five. I probably should have followed the advice of playing at least ten games between each lesson, but I was anxious to get going.

I have neglected posting to this blog, but I am going to make a greater effort to report my go study activities on a regular basis. I also want to be a little more specific about what I am actually doing to enrich my experiences with the game. This is likely to be very boring to everyone else, but it will provide me with a record of my study activities.

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Moshe said...

Hi Terri,

I just found your blog and am very grateful for your writing - I'm new to Go and it seems like most of the blogs are by very strong players; I can hardly understand most of their posts. Your writing is clear and accessible, and you post often too! What a find!

I'm curious how you liked the audio lessons which you linked to in this post. Did you keep up with them all through the step-by-step series? Would you recommend these lessons to someone new to the game?

The best material I have found so far is a chapter excerpt from Bruce and Sue Wilcox's book EZ-Go. It is methodical and clear, where much of the other information online is haphazard and piecemeal. Are there any other online references like this that you can recommend?

Thanks again and good luck with your Go studies!