Sunday, September 19, 2010

Audio Go Lessons I Have Been Watching Lately

I have been concentrating on the Basic Course lectures in the past few weeks.

Recently I watched the following lectures:

All About Eyes Lecture 1

All About Eyes Lecture 2

All About Eyes Lecture 3

Efficiency For 30K - 10 K Lecture 1

Efficiency For 30K - 10 K Lecture 2

Efficiency For 30K - 10 K Lecture 3

Double Atari Lecture 1

Double Atari Lecture 2

Double Atari Lecture 3


Tom Obenchain said...

I've been enjoying Guo Juan's lessons as well. In fact I believe I discovered them through your blog. I've been watching the All About the Star Point series.

Thanks for sharing as I'm always wondering which ones to watch next. Let me know what you think of each of these. I'll consider them when I rent some new ones.


BenGoZen said...


I just found your blog and will definitely be following from now on. Where do you go for your audio go lessons?


Terri said...

Click on the audio go lectures link at Guo Juan's Internet Go School web site.

I have not been writing much lately, but I should post more starting now, especially since I have been watching more lessons.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Do you feel like these are a good value for your money?

Terri said...

I feel they are a great value especially if you purchase the year long membership to the site since you can then watch as many lessons as you want as often as you want.