Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How Do I Spend My Time Studying Go?

I have often thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the time I spend on various go activities.  I think it would be fun if nothing else.   For an artistic type I have always had an unusual interest in how numbers can describe my life, as much as I always hated math as an academic pursuit.  I am sure it would be revealing of what I value about go. Yesterday I did a search for software for the Mac that would allow me to pursue this.   I downloaded a trial of OfficeTime, which allows one to start a stopwatch to tally up the time you spend when you are involved in any task.

I started by creating a list of the activities that I would be most likely to engage in related to my go study.   The list had thirteen items on it by the time I was finished generating it.  I can add more items if necessary.  I chose to designate these activities as projects, but I could have made them categories within one project called "go study".   Using the project format will allow me to further define activities by category within project if I choose to do so at a later time.

My Project list includes the following:

  1. blogging about go
  2. reading Go Discussions
  3. reading go books
  4. playing pro games
  5. studying tsumego
  6. watching others play on KGS
  7. reviewing games of others on KGS
  8. editing my Yang lessons Next Move SGF Style
  9. preparing and giving lesson reviews
  10. playing on KGS
  11. having my games reviewed
  12. Guo Juan Group Lessons
  13. Yang Lessons

The graphic is a chart of my go activity for yesterday and shows that I engaged in four of the thirteen activities listed above.  It also shows how much time was spent in each activity, and represents that time in a pie chart.

I can already see that I will need to add a category called "attended Go Workshop".

I should note that the chart is based on activity after I downloaded the software.  Earlier in the day I played a game and had it reviewed by a stronger player.  I can add those activities manually into the software if I desire, but I didn't bother.    I have played one game per day now for seven days in a row.


Bob Solovay said...

Can you give a cite for "Next Move Sgf"

Terri said...

It is a style of editing where the comments refer to the next move in the game record rather than the move you currently see. It is the style that Yilun Yang always used when he commented my game records offline at a time when we played on the server and he reviewed my lessons offline and sent them to me, so it is the style I chose to use in viewing my online lessons as well. SmartGo, and many other programs, will allow you to set up the program so that variations show up as A, B, C, D, etc in the record. These lettered moves are next moves, not current moves. Check your editing program and see if you can set this up. Cgoban does not allow this, but I think most editing programs do.

Terri said...

Bob, I took a look at the menus in SmartGo. You can set this up by going to:

View - Mark Moves With Letters - Show Next Moves

You can get specific about how the next moves get displayed by choosing "Mark Up Style" instead of just "Show Next Moves".