Thursday, December 11, 2008

Off To Jenny Shen Workshop

Tomorrow I will be off to Philadelphia to attend the Jenny Shen Workshop.   I can hardly wait.   I will see NannyOgg there.  She is the author of the Shodan Challenge Blog which was one of my primary inspirations for starting a blog of my own.    NannyOgg and I met online initially through the Wings Go Club leagues.   Way back in the day I think that I actually used to give handi to Nanny, but those days are LONG gone.

I am not going to be bringing my Tablet PC to the workshop.   It still works fine, but it's old and slow, and I have two game recording devices at my disposal, both of which I will be bringing with me.   I will have my iPod Touch with SmartGo touch, and I have my Palm device with Pilot GOne. 


Master Planner said...

Wow.. A few things:

1) I am so proud of you. You have dedicated yourself to Go in a way that makes me very envious. Here's to your continued success

2) I'm a big believer in filling our rank and file in the AGA with more women. Why should board games, like anything else be mainly a male domain? This is after all the year we've broken soo many barriers. If we can elect a black man President of the US and have women running for the highest offices in the country.. in the world, really, Surely we can achieve some kind of parity in Go? Good on ya for pursuing this.

3) How do you feel about your progress towards shodan? Want some help? I've taken lots of pro lessons but if it wasnt for the help of quite a few mid-dan players I wouldnt have my shodan today.

Anyways, on Go Discussions I am Fujiwara To Sai...or just Sai.

I do play on KGS/IGS too.

Meanwhile have fun and do good things.

All the best,


Terri said...


Thanks for the positive feedback. When you are retired it is easy to be dedicated. In a way it is almost funny to see the question, "How do you feel about your progress towards shodan?" The reason that is funny is because I never really felt as if shodan was a goal that was realistic for me. I don't see myself as progressing towards shodan. That used to bother me. It bothers me a lot less now. I like to set goals that are more reasonable for myself. If I were to set a goal at this point for myself it would be AGA 5 kyu, but I'm not really setting a goal. I am just enriching my love of the game. :-)

That being said if you are around on KGS when I am and you feel like reviewing a game I am always pleased to put one up for analysis.

Thanks for the offer of help.

Master Planner said...

Well, all I can say is don't aim so low just because you are worried about disappointment. Why shouldnt you attain shodan? Why isnt it reasonable for you?

What Im trying to say is that the quality of go instruction is so low in this country due to kyus teaching other kyus and self-directed learning that even with regular pro instruction you are wallowing, justifying your fear with the guise of contentment.

Im most certainly not a Scientologist but Hubbard stole a lot from Daoism. He described people who dont want to advance "as a person holding a matchbox, looking at the matchbox and somehow imagining himself INSIDE the matchbox unable to break free. So after much frustrated effort he imagines himself CONTENTED inside the matchbox. Meanwhile we are all standing around wondering what to do with someone clearly standing outside the matchbox..." I ended the paraphrase there because he wants to get people into Dianetics... lol.

But seriously the metaphor works.

My only question to you is why is advancing not fun? How can advancing, growing, not be fun? Who told you this? I need to hire him/her because that person is an AWESOME salesman.

Stagnation equals the Reaper.

All the best,


PS: Why is it harder to convince people that they CAN and so much easier to convince someone they CAN'T/Shouldn't, etc? You'd think it would be the same. Perhaps pessimism is more pervasive than I previously believed.

Terri said...

I would think that being happy in the moment is optimism at it's best.