Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unusual Auto Match Results

I played an auto match game on KGS today and recognized the name of my opponent as someone I had played before.   I recalled that the last time we had played it was a rated game in which I was leading up until the end.  After I passed my opponent pulled off an invasion that should not have worked, but it did, and I lost that game by 18.5

I recalled that the main reason I had lost that game was that I had not bothered to count the board as I would have in a real life tournament game.  I had plenty of time on my clock.   I could have counted, and I could easily have made a few defensive moves if I had bothered to count the board.   Even without the defensive moves I came to realize later when reviewing the game that the correct move would have come to me if I had spent sufficient time reading.  I found the right move easily later.  However, I let myself get thrown by the invasion.

Today I was leading again in what should have been the last few moves of the end game.   I counted the board and saw I was at least 15 to 20 points ahead.  I made a few defensive moves.  As the game was finishing up my opponent tried to pull off an invasion again anyway.  This time he failed.   I kept my cool and countered of of his moves.   I won the game by 22.5

None of what I have written so far is that unusual.  However, when looking at my list of games I came to find that my previous game with my opponent had been eight days earlier, and it had been most my recent game on the server.  Both games were rated.  It is odd that I should end up with the same opponent for auto match eight days apart.  I guess we both like auto match, and I guess we both play at the same time.  He is in Japan and I play in the morning here is New Jersey.

I need to watch less and play more for sure.

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