Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Tablet Is Coming Along For The Ride

I am no longer conflicted.

I have decided to bring along the Tablet PC to the U.S. Go Congress.  But the main reason I am doing so is because of the horribly long eleven hour journey to Portland with the stopover in Phoenix.   I am downloading episodes of Photoshop User TV to watch in the airports and on the flights.  Books and magazines just won't be enough to keep me happy for that long eleven painful hours.

Whether or not I lug the tablet to the playing area each day remains to be seen.


Alexander M Zoltai said...


If ya have it with ya, you'll probably use it in games, eh?

~ Alex

NannyOgg said...

No opinions on the tablet, but just want to wish you a wonderful time at the congress!!!!!!!!

Wish I could be there,


Terri said...


I will record my games with it... no more than that.


Terri said...


I had to miss a Congress once. I thought it was going to be so painful. But I waited out the week and after it was over I said to myself, "It would be over now I had gone or if I had not gone, and I just saved a ton of money." It won't be so bad. But I wish you were going to be there.