Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slight Ratings Increase From Oza

I went 3-3 at the Oza, so I could have stayed the same, or I could have had a slight decrease or a slight increase in my rating. As it turned up my rating improved slightly. Actually it is so slight that it is pretty much like staying the same.

Before the tournament my rating was -11.52063 with a sigma of 0.31384.

After the tournament my rating was -11.46308 with a sigma of 0.28265.

I experienced a ratings improvement of 0.05755 points and my sigma went down by 0.03119.

I don't think that going 3-2 at the NJ Open will be enough to break into the 10 kyu range, and I am not comfortable with a self promotion to 9 kyu. Since the AGA is not currently allowing self promotions of one rank it looks as if it's going to be a tough battle to 10k.


Duncan H. Brown said...

It was a pleasure to meet you this past weekend and play a game with you during the Yilun Yang workshop in Chicago. You're also an inspiration to me to get more serious with go and apply myself so that I can move past my perpetual 12k existence.
Duncan H. Brown

Terri said...

Thanks Duncan. I really enjoyed meeting you. It was a great workshop as usual. And I hope to see you next year in Evanston, and perhaps at the Congress before that.