Saturday, September 11, 2021

My Week of Go Activities


I spent over 37 hours on Go Activities this week. It was a very light week for Live Play because I was participating in a five day online video conference. That conference will spill into the next week, so my Live Play will be less than I would like for that week as well. I'm just going to consider the total for the two weeks as one week and accept the fact that a week has been lost.

There was no go lesson last week.

The big theme for the week has been an emphasis on Go Problems I spent over five hours on Spaced Repetition Problems and more than six and a half hours on 101 Weichi.

As always, Watching Others Play came in as the top activity.

I created a spreadsheet to keep track of my go problems for the week. After the week is over I transfer the weekly totals to a tab on my games spreadsheet. Then I reuse the sheet below to keep track of the next week.

The formulas on the right of the sheet are for gathering data for timed trials of problem sets. I performed my first timed trial on row 9 "Double Atari" of the 101 Weichi Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was provided to me by my teacher Shawn Ray.

I copied the 101 Weichi spreadsheet to a sheet one of my own, and added columns for my own use. Below is a small part of my adaptation of the spreadsheet showing the results of my timed trial in the two columns on the far right. Blue cells represent Safari tabs that I keep open on my computer. When I close a tab I eliminate the blue color in the cell.

Upon editing, I deleted the column with Chinese language url links. I added a column for Safari translations.

My goal for the upcoming week is to continue working hard on go problems and to try to get in enough games to bring my two week total to a minimum of ten. If I can do better than that I will be happier.

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