Thursday, May 09, 2024

Renewing Membership in The Internet Go School

A couple of days ago I needed to resubscribe to Guo Juan's Internet Go School.  I did so without hesitation. It was 149 Euros to renew my membership for another year.  I try to start every day with Spaced Repetition Problems from the Internet Go School.

Some days I get distracted and end up using a vacation day because I forget to do my problems before midnight.  I am trying very hard to remember to do my problems every day.

I currently have 14 days in a row without missing a single day.

For the past four days I have been adding more problems by reactivating some of the problem sets I had deactivated previously.  When I do that I rewatch the lectures related to the material.  

Today I added the three problem sets related to lesson 9 of the Basics: Step-by-step from the Basic course.

I'd like to work up to 100 problems on most days.

I am currently number 14 on the weekly leader board.

Now for my usual Go Activities Content:

It was a fairly average week for Go Activity with more than 18 hours spent.

I played six games, all of them being BenKyo League games.

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