Saturday, September 16, 2023

My Week of Go Activities: Doing Well in Two of My Leagues

Recently two of my five leagues started up again and I am doing well in both of them. They are the American Yunguseng Dojang League and the Go Magic League. I have two wins and zero losses in both of those leagues so far.

I'm still waiting for NAOL games to begin again They will start soon. It is the 5th season on NAOL and I have played in all of them so far.

It was a busy week with over 32 hours of Go Activity.

I always like it when Live Play comes in as the number one activity. It did so this week with over six hours devoted to Live Play.

Seven of my ten games played were League Games. Of the remaining three games two were Fox games and one was a teaching game with Ben Mantle.

Clossius has suggested to me that I play 5 3x30 games on Fox to get more game experience. I had been playing 20 3x60. I played both of my Fox games at the faster speed, but did not enjoy it as much and played fewer Fox games as a result. I still haven't decided if I will stick with the faster time limits or not. I am close to ranking up on my sandbagging account and don't want to risk missing that chance, though I should not care about the rank on the sandbagging account and I probably ought to start playing a few games with my legitimately rated 6k Fox account.

I had an interesting 0.5 win in my most recent Go Magic league game.

My opponent and I had a nice long conversation after the game. I pitched Benkyo League to him. I also gave him the link to the Clossius Twitch Stream and invited him to come and watch my lesson the next day. I fully intended to review our game with Clossius during that lesson. Unfortunately my lesson needed to be cancelled so the game was never reviewed. I let my opponent know so he would not show up for the review that would not happen. 

My next lesson with Clossius will be two weeks from now, so I might have Yilun Yang review this game in my next lesson on Monday. I'd be able to share the text file with my opponent and it might be really cool to be able to share my pro review with him. Of course it will be reviewed from my side, but I am sure it would still be interesting.  I'll get it reviewed somehow. I am just not sure how yet.

I my most recent AYD Game I won by 42.5 which I thought was really great. I was a little disappointed that the big takeaway from the review was that I played too fast. It is true, of course. So in my AYD Game today I am going to make it a point to use my time even so I won't get that comment again. I play quickly anyway and I got a bit caught up in the pace of my opponent which was bad.

Since I won't be taking a lesson with Clossius for another two weeks I am likely to focus on League Games for the next two weeks and use the remainder of my time to review some of my most recent lessons with Ben and do some editing of my lesson files with Yilun Yang. I will have plenty of games for Clossius for our next level without playing on Fox.

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