Friday, July 05, 2024

Celebrating Six Consecutive Months as the BKL Hand of God


I have mentioned the BenKyo League title of The Hand of God previously.  I took an interest in competing for the title in January of this year, and have managed to win it for six consecutive months.  My achievement earned some notice in the BenKyo League monthly Magazine which you can see below.

I've earned the title a total of eight times, and am now sitting at the top of the list of holders of that title.  The history of title holders is maintained in the Hall of Fame channel of BenKyo League where Title Holders and Main League Prize Winners are recorded for posterity.

I'll have a challenge holding my title in the month of July because I will be away at the U.S. Go Congress the 13th through the 21st.  I am trying to get ahead on points for the Title Tournament before I head out for the Congress.

Now for my uusal Go Activities content:

It was a moderately active week with Spaced Repetition Problems from the Internet Go School coming in as the top activity.

It was a slow week for Live Play with only eight games being played.

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